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   Rhythmic Gymnastics   

We Are Angels Rhythmic Gymnastics
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Started in 2006, Angels Gymnastics is the most established and reputed Rhythmic Gymnastics club in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
With close to two decades of experience facilitating rhythmic gymnastics training in Dubai for girls from 3 to 16 years old, Angels offer expert coaching from recreational level to National/International levels.
All coaches in the Angels family are highly qualified and long experienced wonder women who are eager and able to help your girls become the very best gymnasts they can be.

With multiple venues offering training and after school activities in Dubai; finding your most convenient location will be easier. We also guarantee a warm welcome & all safe environment for growth!

What is Rhythmic Gymnastics?

Rhythmic Gymnastics, a symbiosis of art, aesthetic and beauty, paired with highest performances, is a true women's sport and belongs to the most attractive and beautiful disciplines that bursts with glamour, blurring the boundaries between sport and art. 

​The main characteristic of Rhythmic Gymnastics as a compositional discipline is the connection of the most difficult acrobatic movement elements which require a very high corporal flexibility and motor activity; which are presented by the gymnasts in perfect harmony with the music chosen for the exercise. 

Rhythmic gymnasts strive to enchant judges and audiences with the polish of their exercises while executing enormously difficult maneuvers with one of four handheld apparatus: the Rope, Hoop, Ball, pair of Clubs and Ribbon.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Programs

Expert Training for Rhythmic Gymnastics in Dubai

Our programs are designed as per the FIG competencies and certified by the International Rhythmic Gymnastic governing bodies.

The programs including the training is prepared keeping in mind the culture and values of the region.


 Recreational Programs 

Performance Program.jpg

 Performance Programs 


 Competitive Programs 

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 Rhythmic Fitness 

After School Activity.jpg

 After School Activity 

An introductory class that teaches the fundamentals of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet. Our Recreational Program offers physical fitness and fun where basic level skills are taught in a friendly, playful and supportive environment.

Our Performance Program offers Fundamental skills  of Rhythmic Gymnastics where gymnasts can participate as a group.

This program is designed to develop competitive skills for high level rhythmic gymnastic performances. Our competitive team will build good will and holistic development. Our experts will raise gymnasts as champions!

Our Rhythmic Fitness program is open to anyone, with classes ranging from 8 years old till adults. These classes are for the ones who would like to stay fit with a 360 degrees R.G. training (dance, pilates, stretching, apparatus handling and ballet).

Angels Gymnastics offers After School Activity in different venues in Dubai. With After School Activity, your children can enrol for gymnastics training in the same school they are studying.

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