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Olympians at #DuGymAngels

During International Competitions and different other occasions, DuGym Angels feature special coaches and Olympians, world-champion gymnasts, which is a great inspiration and learning curve for the budding talents.

WATCH this space to see who will be the next iconic international gymnast...

DuGym Angels was able to host phenomenal Gymnasts like;

2009 and 2012 Olympian Champion, Evgenia Kanaeva (Russian),

Simona Peycheva (Bulgaria) - 3 times World Champion & 2 times Olympian,

2008 Olympic Games silver medalist, Natalia Godunko, (Ukraine),

2 times Olympian, 2 times world Champion and European Champion, Carolina Rodriguez (Spain),

3 times Olympian, Mediterranean Games Champion & European Champion, Melitina Staniouta (Belarus),

Neviana Vladinova, (Bulgaria) Olympian 

Olympian, Marina Durunda (Azerbaijan)

Olympian, Anna Rizatdinova, (Ukraine)

Alexandra Saldatova, (Russia)

Liza Nazerenkova, (Russia)

Tsevetelina Stoyanova, (Bulgaria)

Salome Pazhava, all-around bronze medalist at the FIG World Cup series, in 2016.

Masterclass from Elena Karpushenko, who is the personal coach of three-time world all-around champion and world record holder Yana Kudryavtseva. 

FIG Vice President, Noha Abushabana honered us in DuGym Cup. 

In DuGym Cup, the biggest event in the Middle East with supported by Dubai Sports Council (DSC), over 500 gymnasts competed from 21 countries with judged by FIG brevet judges, we had 5 Olympians visiting us and they performed in Gala and showed and shared their special techniques during Masterclass.

Highlights from MasterClass
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