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   Aesthetic Group Gymnastics   

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) in Dubai is accredited by IFAGG

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) is a team sport performed by large groups of gymnasts. It is a new discipline in the world of gymnastics and helps to improve teamwork skills from childhood. The team size of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics can range from six to ten members with some children's groups being even larger.

Be part of the BEST Gymnastics in Dubai...

Girls who are 8 years and above having experience in any one of the below can join AGG:
* Rhythmic Gymnastics
* Dance
* Artistic Gymnastics
* Ice Skating
* Sport Acro Athletics, etc.

What are the benefits from joining Angels Aesthetic Group Gymnastics?

  1. Artistic Fusion: Aesthetic Group Gymnastics blends dance and gymnastics, fostering artistic expression and creativity.

  2. Team Unity: Participants synchronize movements, fostering teamwork and collaboration.

  3. Physical Mastery: Develop strength, flexibility, and control through choreographed routines.

  4. Inclusive Community: Open to all ages and skill levels, creating a supportive environment.

  5. Performance Opportunities: Showcase talent at competitions, gaining confidence and recognition.

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