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Aesthetic Group Gymnastics

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics in Dubai accredited by IFAGG

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) is a team sport performed by large groups of gymnasts. It is a new addition to gymnastics. The team size of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics can range from six to ten members with some children's groups being even larger.

Be part of the BEST...

We are pleased to welcome girls who are 8 years and above who have experience in:
* Rhythmic Gymnastics
* Dance
* Artistic Gymnastics
* Ice Skating
* Sport Acro Athletics, etc.

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Official Partner #SummiaDubai

DuGym Angels is proud to be the ONLY partner from UAE on Summia ( and the official representative #SummiaDubai
"Committed to honesty and integrity, we offer life experiences at the highest level of sports practice, with the best professionals and facilities..." Courtesy: Summia (

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