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(Director & Head Coach)

DuGym Angels Gymnastics is led by one of the phenomenal gymnasts, Ebru Ilgaz (Angel), who is also the director and head coach of DuGym Rhythmic Gymnastics, Aesthetic Group Gymnastics & Gymnastics For All.


More about Angel (Director and Head coach)

A gymnast herself from an early age Angel followed her passion, achieving outstanding academic success; graduating from one of the most prestigious Physical Education and Sport universities in Turkey. Angel has over 30 years of coaching experience much of which was spent as a National Coach of the Turkish Gymnastics Federation where she was a leading member of the Education Committee responsible for the training of both coaches and high level gymnasts.
With a strong and sparkling personality Angel has a total of some 35 years involvement in Rhythmic Gymnastics throughout the world. Her well-practiced holistic approach brings out the very best of gymnastic ability as well as instilling important positive life skills in every student. Angel is an FIG International Judge having had the great honour of being selected as a judge for the Olympic Universiade Games in 2005.

In 2006, Angel brought her experience to the UAE establishing the country’s first Rhythmic Gymnastics Club. Since 2012 she has been providing phenomenal guidance and facilitating the participation of DuGym Angels gymnasts at International and National level competitions throughout the world. 

Angel have a phenomenal track record of judging International Rhythmic Gymnastic competition for 25 years and is accredited as the FIG & IFAGG accredited International judge, an unique achievement only a few in the Middle East possesses. 


World-renowned Experts in the field of Gymnastics





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