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Ipek embarked on her rhythmic gymnastics journey at the tender age of five in Antalya, Turkey. Fuelled by her early passion for the sport, she dedicated herself to rigorous training at the Antalya Genclik Spor Club throughout her school years. By the time she completed her education, Ipek had already participated in numerous championships across Belgium, Bulgaria, South Africa, Portugal, and within Turkey itself.

In 2004, Ipek achieved a significant milestone by securing a spot on the Turkish national team for rhythmic gymnastics. This led her to compete in the 21st European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Moscow, Russia, alongside various other international competitions.

While pursuing her bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Ipek extended her involvement in gymnastics by serving as an assistant coach for the North Cyprus Federation. Following her graduation in 2015, she remained dedicated to her passion for the sport, augmenting her skills through participation in coaching courses and eventually becoming a Rhythmic Gymnastics National Judge.

In January 2016, Ipek relocated to Dubai, where she joined Angels Gymnastics Dubai, continuing her journey as a coach and contributing to the gymnastics community in the region.

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