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About Us

Inspiring the Next Generation of Gymnasts

Started in 2006 at Dubai, DuGym Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is the longest established and most respected Rhythmic Gymnastics club in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Facilitating the rhythmic gymnastics training for girls from 3 to 16 years old, we offer expert coaching from recreational level all the way through to National/International levels.

All coaches in the DuGym family are highly qualified, holding UAE approved Diplomas and long experienced ladies who are eager as well as able to help your girls become the very best gymnasts they can be. With 6 schools in Dubai finding your most convenient location where a warm welcome is assured will be easier. 

DuGym is the FIRST gymnastics club in the UAE; which started offering the opportunity for its members to participate in International and FIG competitions.

The biggest asset of DuGym Angels are the highly qualified and experienced rhythmic gymnastics coaches who will train your children to become not only successful gymnasts but also outstanding individuals; benefiting from our holistic development approach. Individuals who demonstrate sufficient promise will be trained to the level where they can compete in International competitions. 

DuGym Angels has over 250 gymnasts, from different countries including; UAE, Canada, Bulgaria, Egypt, Finland, France, India, Italy, Russia, Turkey, UK and USA.

DuGym Angels is the first club in the UAE to introduce Rhythmic Gymnastics from Recreational to International level. We have been passionate about developing the beautiful discipline of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the UAE since 2006; fully understanding and respecting the culture and customs of UAE; offering convenient and safe environment under the supervision of highly qualified only female coaches.

​DuGym Angels has been involved in training UAE National gymnasts and taking their students to international competitions. As the Government supports only National athletes officially at international competitions; it is only the Government who can decide to create a National Team of Rhythmic Gymnastics. We are  in ongoing consultation in the consideration of establishing a National Team and Federation in UAE to be able to participate in FIG/IFAGG official competitions. ​

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Our Vision

Develop interest in sport activities especially Gymnastics among girls and boys by creating a healthy body as well as mind for being self-confident and life long success.

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Our Mission

To be the leading Gymnastics club in UAE providing phenomenal education in 3 gymnastics discipline from Recreational level to High Performance level to  participate in National and International competitions.

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