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Recreational Programs

An introductory class that teaches the fundamentals of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet. Our Recreational Program offers physical fitness and fun where basic level skills are taught in a friendly, playful and supportive environment.


Recreational Program (3 - 4 years)

Fitness based learning preschool program in a fun, creative and safe environment. Our goal is that each child develops socially, mentally and physically in preparation for school and the rest of their healthy lives.

​With the introduction of all Rhythmic Gymnastics apparatus, children will develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Recreational 5 - 7.jpg

Recreational Program (5 - 7 years)

A combination of high physical activity and motor function development helps our girls build vital basic skills in apparatus handling and dancing abilities.

Providing a safe environment where the focus is on fun we ensure that each child’s social, mental and physical well-being are strongly developed. 


Recreational Program (8 - 12 years)

The focus at this age is to further our girls skills in the wonderful sport of Gymnastics. Basic techniques using ropes, hoops, balls and ribbons in harmony with music are honed with development in flexibility, posture and coordination being critical.   
There are three levels in this Recreational Gymnastics program; entry into levels 2 and 3 is at the discretion of the club and by invitation only. Gymnasts will have the opportunity to perform in group routines and DuGym Angels Gymnastics events. Level 3 gymnasts participate in Inter-club Competitions and DuGym Angels Gymnastics events.

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