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Competitive Programs

This program is designed to develop competitive skills for high level rhythmic gymnastic performances. Our competitive team will build good will and holistic development. Our experts will raise gymnasts as champions!

DuGym Angels has a strong competitive team, which works on a program designed to move girls gradually through the different stages of skill development building the confidence to compete successfully. Our goal is to develop each girl’s potential, teaching her to find joy in movement and control of her body, which is a crucial step towards achieving individual excellence in the sport. Gymnasts will perform individually according to the FIG/IFAGG code of points routines in DuGym Angels competitions. 

Enrollment into the Competitive program is by invitation only. The Competitive program is focused on preparing children for our Pre-Team. Each class emphasizes strength and flexibility training as well as apparatus technique and body positions. Children must be able to show basic Gymnastics skill competence, have great listening skills and have a strong desire to learn Gymnastics.


Pre-Competition  (Level 1 - 2)

Age: 5 - 7 years
Pre-competitive program for ages 5-7 is a stepping-stone towards the competitive or academy streams. Training is geared to a more detailed approach to learning advanced flexibility, co-ordination, balance, and strength. Enrollment to this program is by invitation only. Gymnasts have the opportunity to learn 1-2 FIG routines and perform at the DuGym Angels events and shows individually or in a group. Training is minimum 6 hours weekly.


Competition  Club (Level 3 - 6)

Age: 7 years and above
Gymnasts selected based on auditions only. Training 9-12 hours weekly, including ballet training during each practice. Gymnasts have the opportunity to learn  2-4 FIG routines. Compete with individual routines at DuGym Angels Spring and Annual Competitions. Selected gymnasts have the opportunity to perform at International Competitions, DuGym Angels events and shows individually or in a group.

Competitive Academy.jpg

Academy, FIG (International - National  Level)

Age: 7 years and above
DuGym Angels Academy Level will train with Olympic level experienced coaches. 15-20 hours weekly according to FIG/IFAGG Code of Points. Compete with FIG/IFAGG individual routines at high-level  National and International invitational competitions. Travel all around the World including Europe, Canada, USA and more.

Meet and train all over the world with RG world class Gymnasts.

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