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Rhythmic Fitness

Our Rhythmic Fitness program is open to anyone, with classes ranging from 8 years old till adults. These classes are for the ones who would like to stay fit with a 360 degrees R.G. training (dance, pilates, stretching, apparatus handling and ballet).


Rhythmic Fitness Program

Age: 8 years and above
This program is for girls who are skilled enough in Gymnastics and would like to STAY FIT. To be part of this class, you must master the intermediate level skills of Gymnastics or have previously been a competitive gymnasts or dancer.  Gymnasts have the opportunity to perform at the DuGym Angels events and shows  as a group. ​

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Rhythmic Fitness (Adult)

Adult Rhythmic Fitness classes are the perfect way to get in shape. They are held in training facilities where adults engage in a variety of physical activities ranging from Pilates to stretching, ballet to apparatus handling. These classes are helping women to gain flexibility and balance without physical strain. 
Gymnastics. is a sport for all ages and it's never too late to start! Gymnastics training can be taken to any level, from relaxed, fun movements with apparatus to strenuous conditioning and extreme flexibility training. 
The mothers of our gymnasts can practice under the same roof of their daughter.

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