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Luxembourg International Competition

Below expenses are approximate amounts.
The final details will be sent after the 1 st registration deadline according to your decision and number of gymnasts.

Competition expenses
1-Coaches expense; Min. 1 coach and 1 judge Compulsory !
1-Air ticket appx 1.691 (LuxAir) and appx 1.691 Aed per coach [Flight rate change daily]
2-Hotel 1 room for 4 days/3nights 400-500Euro
3-Food Allowance (lunch +dinner) 40 x4 days 160Euro per coach
4-Airport and hotel transportation ?
5- Hall -hotel transportation ?
6-Coaching Fee 1.250 x3days (3 days ) 3.250 per coach
7-Transportation to Dubai airport and return. 200Aed per coach.
8-Visa costs 400-500Aed
9-Travel Insurance 200Aed per coach
10-Organizing Committee Gifts from UAE x2 people 250Aed
Coaches expense appx TOTAL 6.091 Aed+560Euro per coach x2=12.128Aed +1120Euro
* will divide according to gymnasts number .

2-Gymnasts expense;
1-Registration fee RGIndivudual 30EUR + 15EUR each additional routines
2-Registration fee AGG Group . Club will cover.
3-Air ticket Parents will book.
4-Hotel 1 room for 4 days/3nights Parents will book.
5- Food Allowance. Gymnasts will eat with their parents according to their competition schedule
6- Airport Transportation ?
Gymnasts expense TOTAL
***Please make sure your child has travel insurance included health in case of any emergency.

*If parents can not come with their child , gymnasts can come with coaches . Both parents must prepared notarized
letter by their consulate to coaches.

3- Additional Cost :Please note that If any additional or less cost (based on receipts) during trip (snack, city tour ,extra
transportation ,museum-park ticket ....) ,Angels Gymnastics will pay the cost from the deposits. It will be shared or
refund by gymnasts end of the trip according to Final expenses.
Additional Cost TOTAL :

4- Deposits 500Euro and 500 Aed.

I agree above competition expenses .
I confirmed that my daughter would like to participate Luxembourg International Competition and I will pay the
competition expenses in 2 nd registration period according to number of gymnasts participation.

Thanks for submitting! We have received your Switzerland International Competition Agreement.

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