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International Level Competitions Agreement

Congratulations on being selected for the Angels Gymnastics RG &AGG International level gymnasts  !

This agreement details the stipulations for your respective competition season. Note that upon signing

the agreement ,you give your daughter the participation in an international competitions.

Please read and sign the agreement and confirm by with below link.

Gym Regards,

Angel Ebru Ilgaz.

Angels Gymnastics Club ,RG&AGG&GFA

Director and Head Coach.

Angels Gymnastics Club International competition rules and regulations

Angels Gymnastics RG &AGG competitive program training is an international (FIG) and (IFAGG) world standard program and our gymnasts training with updated ;
*FIG brevet judge ,*Ballet& chorographer ,*Rhythmic Gymnastics coaches which their coaching diplomas approved  by UAE government.
International competitions will be chosen by Angels Gymnastics Club.
The coaches will decide the level of each gymnasts participation and quantity of apparatus depending of international competitions. Local and International competitions mostly in weekends which on Sundays included. It might in holiday period too.
Angels Gymnastics will choose the International competitions outside and in UAE or hall and online according to our club gymnasts age categories/level /required apparatus during the season and gymnasts readiness according to competition.
Competitive Program Levels
AGG and RG –Club gala ;1 group routine /2times a week training
AGG –Club Competitions ;1 IFAGG Group Routines /2times a week Training
AGG –International Level Group Competitions ;1 IFAGG Group Routines /2-3times a week Training
RG –D level- Club competitions/gala ;1 Group routine +basic app.skills +(Free hand routine, according to readiness)
2 times a week training
RG –C level- Club competitions/gala ,International Competitions ;1 Group routine +1 free hand +1 app.routines, /
3 times a week training
RG –B level- Club competitions/gala ,International Competitions ;1 Group routine +1 free hand +2 app.routines, /
4 times a week training
RG –A level- Club competitions/gala ,International Competitions, International Federations Official Competitions
;1 Group routine +1 free hand +4 app.routines, /5-6 times a week training
The coaches will stay organizer hotel .(Reasonable ,clean hotels)
If wish ,Parents and gymnasts can stay in different hotel.
Who stay in different hotel they must follow the team schedule on time. If they are not on time
Angels Gymnastics team will not wait late person .
If gymnast go to the international competition and Masterclass she must stay in same Hotel with
her parents.
If gymnast go to the international competition without parents all the responsibility will be under
team manager delegation of Angels Gymnastics and they must be prepared notarized letter to the
responsible person.
Angels Gymnastics will send the competition itinerary and schedule before team leave Dubai.
Gymnasts must follow team schedule on time and stay with the team together during International
competition days from morning to evening according competition's schedule. During free time
gymnasts should be under parents supervision.
If gymnast go to international competition for representing her country under her country
gymnastics federation ,Angels Gymnastics will support her according to her country competitions rules needs but Angels Gymnastics will not provide any coach/es to go together with her.

Registration for the international competitions including 4 steps;

1-Information and registration period for the competition by the deadline.( if competition will be out of UAE and Dubai include flight ,hotel,transportation,visa cost ,reg.fee ,reg fee transfer cost ,online competitions medals shipping cost according to organization … )
2-The 1st registration and deposit (Online competitions 500Aed -Local competitions 1.000Aed - out of UAE competitions 500Aed +300Euro . )competition expenses payment 2month before the competition till the deadline. Angels Gymnastics will not accept any registration after the 1stregistration deadline. Please note after the 1st registration, payment are non-refundable.
3-The 2nd registration and the all competition expenses will be completed 1 month before the competitions. Please note after the 2nd registration, payment are non-refundable.
4-Final expenses; If any additional cost will during competition, it will be sharing by the parents after the
competitions, end of the trip.
5-if any cancellation to join competition in any under circumstances there will be no refund 15 days before competition date , %40 refund before 3 weeks competition date.
*All competitions are non-profit organizations. The all competition expenses sharing by the parents according to gymnasts number. Deposits required for the registration process ;booking place ,transfer money etc…
*Holidays period not included the course fee.If the competitions in holiday period ,team will have extra holiday training.
Angels Gymnastics provide 2coaches for 10 gymnasts ,3 coaches for 11 gymnasts and over (1coach and 1 judge ;compulsory to be able to participate )for each competition. All coaches expenses ;flight ,hotel, visa cost ,transportation ,food, coaching-Judging fee and other travel expense will be sharing with the parents according to gymnast number and competition type. Each gymnasts competition expenses ;flight , hotel, visa cost ,transportation ,food, competition -
masterclass registration fee and other travel expense will be paid by their parents.
If visa required ,All visa process will be done by the parents and must be apply one months before
Angels Gymnastics undertakes to provide official letter to the embassy, but does not responsible in case of
visa rejected.

Angels Gymnastics Club uniforms and apparatus

All gymnasts must have Angels Gymnastics equipment, during international competition.

Wheel Bag, track suit ,t-shirts, training outfit, competition leotards ,competition shoes…

For the Masterclass, each gymnast must have full complete of apparatus.(no ankle-wrist weight)

Parent will receive check list before the competitions.

Gymnasts Code of Conduct

Representing the Angels Gymnastics ,Dubai Team is an honor, not a right. All gymnasts selected are

considered to be in position of leadership and represent the club and the community.

Gymnasts are expected to conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to reflect credit on

themselves, Angels Gymnastics.

Sportmanship /Fairplay

Good sportsmanship is both the gymnast and coaches commitment to fair play, ethical behavior

and integrity. In perception and practice, sportsmanship is defined as those qualities that are

characterized by generosity and genuine concern for others. Lead by example.

Parental Support

Our Gymnasts train hard and need your support in many ways;

 * It is easy to find something positive to say about each performance, but more importantly, ask

the gymnasts how THEY think they did, rather than tell them how you thought they did. Rhythmic

gymnasts are the best judges of their own performance, and only they know if they met the goals

that they set with their coach. Respect their opinions, while encouraging and modeling good

sportsmanship, as they are the future coaches, judges, parents, volunteers and educated audience

members of the future. Most importantly, reinforce the values of cooperation, community, team

work and camaraderie that rhythmic gymnasts learn through their participation in competitive


*Please make sure your daughter compete with her self.

*Providing good and healthy food and drinks at home

*Allowing enough rest and sleep time to recover from trainings and competitions

*Supporting them with their academic work

*Attending competitions for moral supports

Parental Code of Conduct

• As the parent/s of a gymnast on Angels team, I agree to support Angels Gymnastics

organization and will insure that my child/ gymnast abide by the gymnast’s code of conduct.

• Parents will refrain from any verbal abuse of gymnasts, coaches, judges, opponents and

spectators during or after competitions.

• Parents will not interfere or distract any gymnast at any time during competitions and practices.

• Parents will remain in designated spectator areas throughout the duration of all meets and


• Parents are to adhere to and respect all facility rules and regulations.

• Parents are expected to pick-up and/or drop-off their child/gymnast to practice and competition

at the time requested by the coach or the head of delegation .

• Parents are to refrain from any negative, abuse or derogatory commentary about/towards

Angels Gymnastics athletes, opponents, judges or spectators during or after

competitions verbally, in writing or via the internet, social media.

• Parents will not to use or possess alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs while attending

competitions or training sessions.

• Parents will not engage in giving the gymnasts any instruction during competitions or practices.


comments to gymnasts should be limited to encouragement and support of gymnasts.


• Parents are not to voice issues concerning their child/gymnast or coach in front of other


Parents are asked to discuss any issues or concerns with the team manager and/or coach directly or

via email. However, a 24hour period after the issue arises is required before doing so.

International Level Competition Agreement

At Angels Gymnastics these codes are taken seriously to insure a safe, professional and nurturing
environment to all our gymnasts.
Parents are required to adhere to these codes in the best interest of their child. Angels Gymnastics Competitive Program Director ,Manager or coach will take the time to speak to parents regarding any arising issues. However, please
note that you may or may not receive warning prior to any action being taken in response to failure
to abide by the above code of conduct rules. Failure to comply with the above conditions may result
in your child/gymnast being removed from the competition and future selection.
The Parents Code of Conduct has been written in the best interest of gymnasts, parents, coaches
and to continuously improve the environment and services provided by Angels Gymnastics.

Preferred International Competitions (Make your selection below):

Thanks for submitting! We have received your International Competition Agreement.

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