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Abu Dhabi International Competition

Below expenses are approximate amounts .
The final details will be sent after the 1 st registration deadline according to your decision and number of gymnasts.

Competition expenses

1-Coaches expense;
1- Abu Dhabi transfer appx 200-250 Aed per coach
2-Hotel 1 room for 4 days- 5nights 600 -750Aed
3-Food Allowance (lunch +dinner) 150 x4 days =600Aed per coach
4- hotel-hall Transportation ?
5-Coaching Fee 1.250 x3days (3 days ) =3.250Aed per coach
6-Organizing Committee Gifts from UAE x2 people =250 Aed.
Coaches expense appx TOTAL: 6.000 -7.000Aed per coach . will divide the amount according to gymnasts number .
Min. 1 coach and 1 judge Compulsory !

2-Gymnasts expense;
1-Registration fee: RGIndivudual 400Aed
2-Registration fee RGGroup .Club will cover.
3-Hotel : if Organizer hotel ,parents will do booking.
4- Food Allowance ;There will be no Organizer lunch-dinner .Gymnasts will eat with their parents according to their
competition schedule.
5- Abu Dhabi transportation by parents.
Please make sure your child has travel insurance included health in case of any emergency.
Gymnasts expense TOTAL: 400Aed

3- ADDITIONAL COST :Please note that If any additional or less cost (based on receipts) during trip (snack, city tour ,extra
transportation ,museum-park ticket ....) ,Angels club will pay the cost from deposits. It will be shared or refund by
gymnasts end of the trip according to Final expenses.
Additional Cost TOTAL :

Thanks for submitting! We have received your International Competition Agreement.

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